Alternative Mortgage Lenders

Alternative lending can help you secure a mortgage even if you don’t meet traditional lenders’ requirements.

Alternative Mortgage
Lending Solutions

If you’ve been turned down for a traditional mortgage, we can help you with an application for an alternative lender and help you secure your dream home.

Flexible Eligibility Criteria

Alternative mortgage lending solutions often boast more flexible eligibility requirements than traditional lenders. They consider non-traditional income sources, lower credit scores, and unique financial situations, allowing a broader spectrum of borrowers to access home loans, accommodating those typically excluded by conventional lenders.

Streamlined Application Processes

These solutions frequently offer simplified and expedited application procedures. By leveraging technology and reevaluating documentation standards, borrowers experience a smoother and quicker application process. This efficiency benefits individuals seeking faster approvals and timely access to mortgage funds, often surpassing the pace of conventional loan applications.

Diverse Loan Terms and Options

Alternative lenders provide a range of loan terms and options tailored to individual needs. This includes varied repayment schedules, adjustable interest rates, and specific loan packages addressing unconventional circumstances. Borrowers can often customize their mortgage terms, allowing for more personalized and adaptable financial arrangements.

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The alternative mortgage lending process involves applying with an alternative lender, considering non-traditional factors like income sources. After submission, the lender reviews the application, assessing creditworthiness and property value. Upon approval, the lender offers terms that are often different from traditional mortgages.

We specialize in alternative lending to simplify this process. We are here to guide you through applications, help prepare documentation, and navigate diverse lender requirements. We streamline communication, making the alternative lending journey more accessible and efficient.

Whether you’re struggling to meet the requirements of traditional lenders or are looking for a unique term and rate for your mortgage, an alternative mortgage may be the way to go. Jason Anbara can help you understand the ins and outs of this option and find the best solution for your circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

An alternative mortgage lender operates as a financial entity, often smaller in scale, such as a credit union or boutique bank. Their primary distinction lies in their flexibility to extend loans to individuals who fail to meet the stringent standards set by conventional mortgage providers. These lenders might consider unconventional factors like non-traditional income sources or lower credit scores.

Alternative lenders function by offering a more inclusive approach to loan approvals compared to traditional mortgage institutions. They tend to have more lenient eligibility criteria, which can make the application process more accessible and increase the likelihood of loan approval for individuals who may not meet the strict requirements of mainstream lenders.

The critical aspect to grasp about alternative lenders is the need for thorough scrutiny of the mortgage terms they present. While these lenders may offer loans to individuals considered higher risk by traditional standards, they often come with altered terms. Borrowers might encounter higher interest rates, varying loan durations, or specific additional conditions that deviate from the norms of traditional mortgages. Hence, comprehensively reviewing the offer becomes imperative to understand the implications and make an informed decision. As your mortgage brokers, we have extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge of alternative lenders, thus assisting you in navigating complex requirements, matching you with suitable options, negotiating terms, and streamlining the application process.

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