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Why Choose a Private Mortgage?

Choosing a private mortgage can be a viable option for borrowers who may not qualify for a traditional mortgage from a bank or other financial institution.

Poor Credit

Private lenders may be more lenient with credit requirements than traditional lenders. This can benefit borrowers with poor credit or a history of financial difficulty.

Flexible Terms

Private lenders can offer more flexible terms than traditional lenders, such as interest-only payments, flexible amortization schedules, and adjustable interest rates. This can provide more options to tailor the mortgage to their specific needs.


Borrowers who are self-employed may find it difficult to qualify for a traditional mortgage. Private lenders may be more willing to work with these borrowers by looking at the borrower's overall financial situation.

Private Mortgage Lenders

Private mortgage lenders, also known as alternative lenders, are non-institutional lenders that provide mortgage loans to borrowers who may not qualify for traditional bank loans. Unlike traditional lenders, private mortgage lenders are typically individuals or private companies that use their own funds to finance mortgage loans. They have different loan criterion, interest rates, and approval processes compared to traditional lenders.

Private Mortgage Brokers

We help all borrowers find the right private mortgage and navigate the application process with ease.


We’ll guide you through gathering the necessary documentation and preparing for potential requirements.

Shop Rates

With access to a network of private lenders, we can find the right lender for your needs.

Discuss Options

Once we’ve narrowed down the options, our discussion will help you understand the terms and answer any questions.

Obtain Approval

Moving forward with your application, we’ll help when it comes to credit checks, income verification, and property appraisals.

Close Mortgage

We can coordinate the closing process, ensuring that all necessary documents are in place and the loan funds are disbursed in a timely manner.

Helping You Understand Private Mortgage Rates

Private mortgage rates are determined by a variety of factors, including your credit score, income, debt-to-income ratio, loan-to-value ratio, and the lender's risk assessment. Here are some ways that we find the best rates on a private mortgage in Canada:

A higher credit score can lead to lower interest rates, while a lower credit score may result in higher rates. We can help clients improve their credit scores by providing advice on how to build and maintain good credit.

The Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio is another factor that can affect private mortgage rates. The LTV ratio is the amount of the loan compared to the value of the property. A lower LTV ratio can result in lower interest rates, as it indicates a lower risk for the lender.

Market conditions, such as economic indicators and interest rates, can also influence private mortgage rates. We stay informed about current market trends and conditions to help clients find the best rates.

We’ll negotiate with private lenders on your behalf to get the best possible rates and terms. We use our knowledge of the market and relationships with lenders to negotiate more favourable rates.

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