Debt Consolidation

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Our Debt Consolidation Services

Our debt consolidation services focus on helping you consolidate your debts by refinancing your existing mortgage loan or by taking out a new mortgage loan that covers your outstanding debts. That way, you can let the equity in your home work for you. We will provide you with choice, convenience, and great counsel when it comes to accessing the equity in your home so you can select the best solution for your needs.

It may not be just one issue that leads you to debt consolidation services in Canada. We will work with you to determine your pain points and create solutions that meet your needs.

Interest Rates

You may be able to lower your overall interest rate and save money on interest charges since mortgages typically have lower rates than other types of debt.

Monthly Payments

By consolidating your debts into a single loan, you can lower your monthly payment, making it easier to manage your finances.

Simplified Finances

Instead of managing multiple payments to various creditors monthly, you only need to make one payment to your mortgage lender.

Key Features

Jason Anbara is well-versed when it comes to debt consolidation. Our services aim to provide clients with a personalized and comprehensive approach to managing their debt. That includes ensuring low interest rates, prioritizing flexible payment plans, and expert debt counselling. All of these services are built around strategies based on all aspects of your financial situation.

How it Works

We make consolidating your debt a straightforward process, so you can focus on how to move forward with your finances.


The application process is simple. Once we have your basic information, we can move toward the next steps.

Shop Rates

We review interest rates from more than 67 lenders, looking for the best available options.

Discuss Options

After finding the best rates, we’ll help you understand the costs and differences between available products.

Obtain Approval

Once you’ve chosen the right option for you, we’ll move forward with your application.

Fund Refinancing

We’ll keep you updated on a potential timeline. Before you know it, your refinancing will be approved.

Process & Methodology

Jason Anbara's debt consolidation process involves several steps to help clients consolidate their debts and achieve financial stability. Here's a closer look at his methodology:

The first step in Jason's process is an initial consultation with clients to discuss their financial situation and understand their needs.

We have years of experience working with creditors and lenders and can leverage our relationships to secure the best possible rates for clients.

After securing lower interest rates and better terms, we will work with clients to determine the best payment plan for their needs.

With the payment plan in place, the next step is to help clients pay off their debts through regular payments to their creditors.

Even after clients have consolidated their debts and paid off their balances, we provide continued support and guidance to help them maintain their financial stability.

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Our process is designed to provide clients with the best approach to managing their debt consolidation needs in Canada.